<We use the power of innovation to >

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<Improving the mental health and social skills of vulnerable children and families>

Hero2B is a non-profit organisation, working to make a positive impact on the mental health and wellbeing of society’s most vulnerable children.

We bring together storytelling, psychology and technology into innovative tools that are specially developed to engage children in learning how to overcome their challenges and build a healthy outlook.



Sarah's Journey, a saga with a strong female role model for displaced children around the world.


Sarahs resa, an animated film produced together with Teskedsorden to promote inclusion & empathy in schools.


Our online learning tool allows us to reach more children, more quickly, and measure impact.

Not every child who needs psychosocial support has access to help.  We want to change that.

Our mission at Hero2B is to make psychosocial support available to every child, by building best-known methods in cognitive behavioural therapy into entertaining stories, films, games and interactive learning programs that deliver measurable impact.


We work directly with psychologists, researchers, schools, social service organisations, and kids of course (!) to create programs that work. 

If you work with with displaced or vulnerable children, have skills to share, or would like to help fund our work, we'd love to hear from you!

Our Partners

We give children coping tools so that they are not lost. Rather, empowered to use their experiences to create a better tomorrow.